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Is to enhance personal or corporate public images and bring awareness of how your image affects your professional career and confidence. 

Our History

People will form an opinion on you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you. Abbas Khaku, the CEO, saw this early on in his college career and much of his success is due to his personal image. After landing his first job he realized the importance of a personal brand and the way your personal image can make you achieve success faster then ever. With his passion to help, he decided to give his advice to people and businesses who needed it the most.

Our Team

Our consultants passion is to help individuals achieve success. Every one of our consultants are experienced professionals and know what it takes to portray successful images. We want the world to realize that your image is more than just how you dress. 

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"The way you present yourself has a profound impact on your career."

-Business Insider

Partnership Benefits

Clients get $15 off at The Grooming Lounge


"I used TheDapperMan for an upcoming interview, I can definetly say that I went in more confident than ever."

-David Han


How does this help? 

You look good you feel good, your image gives you confidence.      

Is this private? 

We are fully confidential with everything we do, let us know and your secret is safe with us.


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